parking sensors
Initially, it was believed that after some period there was sufficient feeling was build up to estimate the distance between the back of the camper and objects. However, even after 4 year experience a small collision has been taken place when driving backwards. The camper is equipped with a reversing camera. Objects short behind the camper, however, are not noticed by this device. In order to prevent that more collisions take place four ultrasonic sensors are mounted in the rear bumper. The electronical control unit is housed in an unused battery box. The belonging display has been glued at the sun screen of the reversing camera (it is always nice to see how things, which are not related to each other, fit so well). The display shows the distance graphically and numerically and a sound signal which indicates the distance can be activated. A large part of the installation time was devoted to connect the control unit with the display. A suitable path had to be found for the cable. Furthermore is was necessary to lengthen the masked seven leaders cable. The power supply for the system has been taken from the contacts of the reversing lights, so that the warning system is only active when driving backwards.

test drone movie
drone movie

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