Automated cat feeding machine

When leaving our home for a few days it is convenient when the cat can get his food. Therefore an automated feeding machine has been developed, which can supply 7 meals. Since the food particles is not free flowing stuff there was choosen for storing the matter in seven compartiments on a disk. When activated a filled compartiment is moved to a hole, so that the cat can take the food.
The machine is controled by a switch clock, which supplies two times per day power to the device for 15 minutes. When powered the disk is rotated only for 1/8 part. For a next step the power has to go down first and comming up again.
A special problem was the creativity of the cat. In the first instance she was able to manipulate the device, resulting in getting to much food a time or getting no food at all. Therefore a brake was added to fix the disk cat proof. In the first instance it was expected that the cat becomes crazy by seeing all that extra food through the transparent cover. But it was no problem, because she did not recognize this as food at all.
The operation can be monitored at distance with the mobile telephone by means of a webcam. If in operation the feeding times are at 8:00 and 18:00.

Here some photographs of the device

Photo of top, showing the compartments and electronics

Bottom side; The large coil is controlling the brake, and the driving motor is visible.

Filled device and covered by a transparent sheet with a hole.

And now with the cat, enjoying his food

The electronic cirquit to control the device

Contact person: Henderikus Allersma

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