Time/ remote control heater

The temperature of the house is controlled by a central heating system. A gas burner is heating water, which is pumped around via radiators and a plastic tube which is distributed in a tiled concrete floor. Since the floor is buffering sufficient heat to prefent a large temperature drop the heating system can be switched off by night. This task is contolled by a switch clock. The on/off times can be programmed differently for each day. A radio controlled timer is used, so that summer and winter time are set automatically.
An additional option is that the heater can be started up by telephone. This can be used when we are a few days away. Some hours before going home the heater can be activated by dialing the number of the GSM with a prepaid SIM card. Instead of the bell a relay is activated. The temperature in the house will be at a convenient level when arriving home.
Not shown in the diagram is that the heater is also shut down when the air suction system of the house is operating at maximum capacity (only used in exceptional cases). This is to prevent undesired lost of heat. When getting cold we will remember that the ventilator have to be set to normal level.

Here some photographs of the system

Diagram of the electronics

Hard ware during manufacturing.

Modification of the GSM.

Location of the additional control system

Contact person: Henderikus Allersma